The most important watercolour rule...

The most important watercolour rule that I have learned is ...there are NO RULES!

Enjoy watercolours the way you like. Too many times I have been told that watercolour has to be this or that. Balderdash! There is no one set style, no one way of painting with this medium. Enjoy painting in a realistic style, a loose style or somewhere in between... it's all possible with watercolour. 

Of course, like anything, it can take time and a lot of trial and error to learn the ways of the medium, to get it to work how you like it. The only real way to improve your skills is to "practice practice practice". There are no shortcuts. The more you practice painting, the more natural it will come to you. But the best part with painting is that practicing never has to be boring. Allow yourself to have fun! Let each painting be a learning experience, but enjoy it. Don't expect a masterpiece. Did we ever expect masterpieces when we painted as kids? Of course not - we did it because it was enjoyable! 

Remember that creating art is an extension of yourself. So, do not measure yourself by someone else's ruler, nor compare your work to others. Comparison is the killer of joy.

Just paint! Paint often. Don't hesitate. Enjoy the moment… it’s your moment, all yours.