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hacking my Meeden travel palettes

Watercolour palettes are a bit of an obsession for me. I love the entire process of "agonizing"  over which colours will make it into my palette, then filling the empty pans, and making a swatch card for the finished palette. (Some paints are hard to tell apart when they're dry, so a labeled swatch card comes in handy.) I thought I'd share how I "hacked" my Meeden travel palette... small Meeden palette (pre-hack) I've had two small  Meeden aluminum travel palettes for a while. These are just your standard enamel-coated metal palettes, with slots that fit half or whole pans. While they are sturdily made, offer generous mixing surfaces and can fit 24 half pans (using the empty 'middle row' between the 2 metal trays that hold the half pans), they are quite heavy when filled. I've been wanting to lighten the load and perhaps fit in even a few more colours. Even though a small Meeden can usually fit 24 half pans, they have to be packed in pretty