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a personal 'art journey'

Some friends here and on Instagram have commented about my drawing/painting style. Thank you all so much! To be completely open, the entire illustration/'cartoonish' style really isn't my own personal style. It's known as 'urban sketching' and it was coined by some serious artists as well as amateurs in Seattle, WA as a way to capture a snapshot of an object or scene quickly, by reducing the details (mainly capturing outlines) - particularly on site, plein air - so the artist can get the idea of the scene and then paint it afterwards. This style involves drawing loose images with not too much detail with ink and then painting over it afterward, either from one's memory, imagination or from a photo. It was absolutely a new concept to me! I've been trying it out in my art journal to force myself to loosen up a bit with detail. You see, I'm a stickler for realism and since I have the tendency to obsess/fuss over it (like a lot of things - it's just