art workspace facelift

Over the weekend, we made a trip to the new IKEA that opened up in Dartmouth this summer. It's a 2-hour drive one way, but rather than pay for shipping we decided to make a nice day trip out of it. 

It's a huge store where one could easily get lost. Rem said it's the exact same layout as one of the stores in The Netherlands not far from where we lived. I love the styles offered there; usually clean and contemporary, but also a lot of urban rustic looks that I love. Prices are almost always very reasonable! We went to pick up my desks. They come disassembled, of course, so the boxes fit easily into our SUV. Hubby was a sweetie and did all of the desk assemblage for me.

So... here’s my new art work space. If you compare it to my old space in my prior photos, you’ll notice quite a change. It needed it big time!

The obligatory cat inspection time, performed by Libby, of course! 

Hubby added shelves, made with a $5 reclaimed old barn wood plank that we found at a local antique shop (metal brackets from hardware store). The large fabric baskets are great for storage.

I discovered the old weathered wooden box (in the corner of my desk) at the same antique shop for $15. I added a cast iron fleur-de-lis knob on top and handles on the side. It stores my ever-growing number of paint tubes, separated by brand.

Also, new chair! It’s great, but a wee bit slippery… almost slid out of it the first time I sat down. LOL! Rem just rolled his eyes. I can make up a fall or injury out of thin air; I'm such a klutz.

The white desks are from IKEA; we got one large and 2 small ones (same height and depth) to fit over the room's hot water radiator, so I have a larger work top with hardly any wasted space. I love the white - it makes the room seem larger, more bright and airy. We’re going to get some plexiglass to cover the tops of the desks, to protect it from scratches and stains.

This 'facelift' was all done on a budget, but I’m so happy with it! It's a space that will serve me well.

Later I’ll be adding a cabinet to go underneath one of the desks for some extra storage of paperwork and loose finished artwork.